Importance of Extra & Co-Curricular Activities in School

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 It is a tendency for most conventional schools to concentrate on providing curriculum that is “teaching to the test”. However, they tend to overlook the importance of extra and co-curricular activities which are important to the overall development of the students. Here the role of schools that are looking ahead towards 21st century education skills and provide academic rigor as well as  co-curricular activities.  

 Educational experts and pedagogical researcher points towards that the idea that co-curricular activities influence thinking and retention of knowledge. Most of the contemporary schools have taken ensuring that a good amount of time is allotted to activities related to unstructured play, sports and movement.

 Parents should search for schools where the values of the institution reflect development of the social and emotional qualities in kids. A perfect balance of academic rigor and extra curricular activities are important to the overall development of critical thinking skills. Good physical exercise is an important part of such a curriculum. The best of schools follow a program where physical training and yoga are a part of the regular time table. Athletics are also a very good option to train a child physically as well as mentally. Development of sportsmanship and teamwork brings out an excellent personality development in every child.

 Artistic exploration is also one of the most important factors in the development of a child’s personality. Self-expression and creativity need to be nurtured and developed in every child individually. Any good school would lay emphasis on music, visual arts and technology wherein a child’s interest and aptitude can be mapped and his or her skills can be sharpened in multiple domains.

  Extracurricular activities are an important element to building time management skills as well. Gone are the days when only academics were considered. Today, every industry requires individuals who rise to new challenges and are able to think critically and solve problems.

 Even the Indian Ministry of Education has made extra-curricular activities and sports compulsory in all schools recognized under the Indian systems. Any school that doesn’t comply with these regulations stands a chance to get de-recognized as a proper educational institution.

 Some good International Schools have come up in India that ensure that an ideal school curriculum is in place which strikes a perfect balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. An overall development of the child’s personality is taken into consideration. Taking up one such school for your child can be a great decision for his/her future too.

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Importance of Extra & Co-Curricular Activities in School

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This article was published on 2011/12/09